State Records Commission

The State Records Commission (the Commission) was established in July 2001 under the terms of Part 8 of the State Records Act 2000. The Commission consists of four members: the Auditor General, the Information Commissioner, the Ombudsman, and an appointee with recordkeeping experience from outside Government (that is, someone who is not a public service officer under the terms of the Public Sector Management Act 1994). The fourth Commissioner is appointed by the Governor for a three year term.

The Commission's functions are set out in the State Records Act 2000 and include:

  • monitoring the operation of and compliance with the Act;
  • monitoring compliance by government organizations with their recordkeeping plans; and
  • inquiring into breaches or possible breaches of the Act.

Under the Act the Commission is responsible for establishing principles and standards to govern recordkeeping by government organizations, and is required to produce guidelines outlining the requirements for government organizations' recordkeeping plans.

All recordkeeping plans must be submitted to the Commission for approval, and government organizations are required to report periodically to the Commission in order to demonstrate continued compliance with their recordkeeping plan. The Commission also authorises the restricted access status of State archives as identified in an organization's plan.

To assist with the process of approving recordkeeping plans, the Commission has established a committee to advise it about State records that should be archives, retention periods for those State records that are not to be State archives, and associated matters. This committee is the State Records Advisory Committee.

In addition to monitoring the compliance of government organizations with their recordkeeping plans, the Commission is also empowered to inquire into breaches of the Act. The Commission reports directly to Parliament and is required to provide Parliament with an annual report on the operation of the legislation. It can at any time submit a written report to Parliament about contraventions of the Act by a government organization.

In performing these functions the Commission aims to ensure that best practice recordkeeping is adhered to by State and local government agencies, and that, subject to the law, government records are made accessible to the public.

For administrative and resourcing purposes the operational arm of the recordkeeping functions of the Commission is vested in the State Records Office under the State Archivist and Executive Director State Records.

Commission Meeting Dates

The Commission is scheduled to meet on the following dates in 2019:

  • Friday, 22 March 2019
  • Friday, 9 August 2019
  • Friday, 6 December 2019



Last updated: 21 November 2019