Customised Training Guidelines

In order to better serve our regional clients the State Records Office (SRO) of Western Australia offers a customised training service, whereby upon agreement between the SRO and the client, agency specific training is undertaken outside of the metropolitan area in exchange for the agency sponsoring the travel and accommodation of the course presenter.

Similarly customised training can be arranged for large metropolitan government agencies who wish to arrange for one or more tailored training sessions specifically for their agency's staff.

All customised training is undertaken on a case by case basis.

The following guidelines are intended to provide clients with an indication of the processes involved in arranging customised training programs.

  • The request for training must be expressed in writing to:
    Director State Records
    State Records Office of WA
    Alexander Library Building
    Perth Cultural Centre
    Perth WA 6000
  • Discussion will ensue between the agency and the SRO to establish the training requirements and mutually agreed dates.
  • The SRO will present a written proposal confirming agreed training requirements, date(s), number of staff involved and arrangements such as travel, accommodation, subsistence allowance etc. Normally the SRO expects that travel, accommodation and meal costs will be met by the agency. The SRO will provide all training material.
  • The requesting agency may choose to recoup at least some of the expenses by charging attendees from other organisations, or sharing with other participating agencies or organisations. Most training programs are suitable for officers from both State and local government agencies and the private sector, and can therefore be advertised widely in the region. The SRO will be happy to offer advice for the promotion of the training.
  • For participants to gain the most benefit from the training it is recommended that a minimum of 10 people attend each training session. The minimum attendee requirement must be confirmed well in advance of the planned date of training.
  • Before proceeding further with preparations, the SRO requires written confirmation from the requesting agency of the details specified in the proposal. Too lengthy a time lapse before receipt of written confirmation may mean postponement or cancellation of the trip due to other SRO commitments.
  • If the terms of point 3 are applicable, the requesting agency will arrange travel (book flights, arrange payment, advise SRO on collection of tickets etc), and accommodation and any other requirements as agreed previously.
  • A list of attendees' names and their organisations should be forwarded to the SRO not later than two weeks prior to the planned visit.
  • At all times during the planning and arranging of regional training programs the SRO is available for discussion and to provide advice and assistance. While the guidelines outlined here are important for the smooth operation of these programs, the SRO is prepared to be flexible and discuss alternatives.

For any queries relating to customised training, please contact the State Records Office by telephone on (08) 9427 3661 or via email at



Last updated 13 April 2017