Recordkeeping Advice and Consultancy

As practices within government change and evolve, the State Records Office aims to assist organisations to cope with corresponding changes in recordkeeping. Examples are the amalgamation or outsourcing of certain functions within an agency, changing legislative environments and the use of new technologies including social media.

Where requested, the State Information Management Services Team provides an on-site consultancy service to State and local government organisations on aspects of managing the records that they create, receive and control. This may include organisation-specific advice on setting up a records management system, evaluating a current system, problem-solving and making recommendations.

A consultancy includes a written report which the organisation can use in the formulation of a tender or project guideline. A fee may be charged for this service per half day. Where necessary, an outside consultant may be required to implement the recommendations made by the State Information Management Services Team. A list of such consultants is available on request.

State Records Office staff are also available to provide free ad-hoc telephone advice on matters ranging from records management processes to disposal advice.

For further information on the consultancy service, please contact the State Records Office by phone on (08) 9427 3661 or via email at


Last updated 19 June 2018