ORDA Overview

When an existing Schedule requires major revisions, or development of a new Schedule is required, agencies will need to use the SRO’s Online Retention and Disposal Application (ORDA) to prepare the Schedule and submit it to the SRO.

ORDA is a web-based application that enables government agency staff, and records consultants working with agencies, to draft and submit Retention and Disposal Schedules to the SRO securely online.  After consultation, the SRO will provide officers / consultants assigned to preparing Schedules with access to ORDA.

An overview for using the system is available in the Short Guide to using ORDA (PDF, 440 KB).

If you require detailed guidance for using ORDA, please refer to the Agency User Manual (PDF, 2,100 KB) which contains full instructions for using the system.

For queries about using ORDA please contact the SRO via email at sro@sro.wa.gov.au