Computers in schools, Aboriginal land rights , the development of Forrest Place and the Perth City Railway Station, the future of Robb Jetty, discussions about reforms of laws relating to rape and sexual assault, the establishment of a task force to inquire into domestic violence and approval for freight subsidies and loans to those affected by drought in the Kimberley region, were among the many issues considered by State Cabinet in 1985.

Updating SRO's Research Assistance Information

The State Records Office is currently updating our Research Assistance Information Sheet (pdf). The SRO provides a limited research service for remote clients but when more extensive research is required, we refer our clients to the Research Assistance Information Sheet, giving them the option to engage an external research agent to carry out this work for them. In updating this Information Sheet, we are seeking to include new research organisations and individuals.

New Digitisation and Retrieval Services in 2016

From January 2016 the SRO will be trialling new digitisation services and implementing new retrieval times for SRO clients.

In recent times there has been a growing demand for digitisation of State archives for reference and research. To meet this demand the SRO will trial the digitisation of entire files and other relevant archival materials in the State archives collection for clients at a cost.


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