Amendments to General Disposal Authorities to align with the Western Australian State CCTV Strategy

The State Records Commission and the State Records Office are pleased to release amendments to the General Disposal Authority for State Government Information (GDASG) and the General Disposal Authority for Local Government Records (GDALG) to align with the minimum retention period for CCTV systems in the Western Australian State CCTV Strategy.
Amendments have been completed in collaboration with the WA Police State CCTV Strategy Secretariat.
For further information on the State CCTV Strategy please refer to the

Catalogue updates - August 2017

Since the start of 2017, staff have been uploading new items to the online catalogue. Many of these descriptions have been created by our Work Experience Project teams over a number of years, and feature some extra details beyond merely the item title and date range.  You'll see material from the Egg Marketing Board of WA, some new intestate files and transfers from Mental Health., for instance. In addition, we’ve uploaded the remaining fieldbooks digitised with funding from the Friends of Battye.

Lise Summers Monday, August 21, 2017 - 14:51

Alpha - prototype government digital services portal

myWA Alpha is a prototype government digital services portal for Western Australia. In today’s digital world, people and businesses in the community want to easily find and access public services online – wherever they are, whenever they like, using whatever device they have. myWA Alpha is a public opportunity to help shape the future of government digital services for the Western Australian community so they are convenient and save time.myWA Alpha is the first step in developing a new whole-of-government digital services portal.


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