Margaret Medcalf Award

Margaret Medcalf Award


This annual Award for excellence in referencing and research, honours Miss Margaret Medcalf OAM, the second State Archivist for Western Australia (from 1971 to 1989), for her valuable contribution to the development of archives in Western Australia. Works nominated for the Award must demonstrate use of archival sources, and substantial (but not necessarily exclusive) use of State Archives held by the State Records Office.

Who do we think we are?

Hollywood came to the SRO in September with the crew from SBS hit series Who Do You Think You Are spotted in the Search Room and behind-the-scenes in the archives stacks filming two episodes for its upcoming series, to be released in the first half of 2012

Meg Travers Monday, October 3, 2011 - 12:53

New website launched.

In keeping with trends in website development and the online environment, SRO is delighted to launch a new look website.

The website includes a number of new features including quick links to areas of interest for the researcher, and has been developed on an open source platform. In the coming weeks look out for new additions including an online exhibition.

Preservation Advice

One of the roles of the State Records Office is to supply advice to both State and Local Government agencies in matters relating to the maintenance, preservation and conservation of State records. The objective is to ensure that State records, and more importantly State archives, are stored and maintained under conditions that will promote their longevity.

Disposal of State Records

The State Records Office (SRO) advises State and Local Government organizations on the legislative requirements governing State records and the process of gaining approval for their disposal.  Disposal may refer either to the destruction of State records or the transfer of State records of archival value to the SRO for permanent retention.

The effective disposal of records is essential for the efficient operation of any records system. Failure to dispose of records regularly and appropriately results in the unnecessary and costly use of space, equipment and staff.

Recordkeeping Publications

The State Records Office of Western Australia (SRO) issues a number of publications to assist staff in State and Local Government organizations with the proper management and disposal of State records.

While publications are developed primarily for use in the public sector, they can also be of value to those working the private sector.


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