Database of over 11,000 names of Indigenous people in WA

Database of Aboriginal names in Western Australia 1826 to 1950

Dr Neville Green and Susan Aguiar have compiled a database of the names of Aboriginal people found in Western Australian primary sources. Called 'A digitalised collection of Western Australian Indigenous men and women from records 1826 onwards: an estimated 11,580 names' the majority of the references are to State Archives held by the State Records Office (SRO). The remainder are mostly 19th century publications, including historic newspapers held by the State Library of WA.

This comprehensive work is the culmination of a 30 year journey exploring Western Australia's archival records and primary sources for information about Indigenous Westen Australians. Dating from 1826, the database is essentially an index, revealing much information from the 19th century, but also recording names and information well into the 20th century.  

To enable access for online researchers, a verson of the database - recording Indigenous names up to 1950 - is available for reference online: Aboriginal names of Western Australia 1826 to 1950 (1.82MB xls). This database is subject to copyright and should not be wholly or partly reproduced in any way without the permisson of its creators, Dr Neville Green and Susan Aguiar.

In its printed form, the database includes information on individual names up to 1983. The printed version has kindly been passed on to the SRO; the Aboriginal History Research Unit at the Department for Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries; and will also be passed on to AIATSIS in Canberra. In the SRO it is available as a a finding aid for researchers in the SRO's Search Room.

To assist researchers, following is a list of abbreviations for State Archives and primary sources referred to in this database:


AA              Albany Advertiser (newspaper)

Acc             Acc/Cons number for SRO records

BPP            British Parliamentary Papers (may be found in the State Library of WA)

CSO           Colonial Secretary's Office correspondence (SRO)

Inq              Inquirer Newspaper (WA)

NN              New Norcia Archives

PF               Police files at SRO

PG              Perth Gazette (newspaper)

POG           Police Gazette

SROWA     State Records Office of Western Australia 

WA             The West Australian (newspaper)