Release of State Records Commission Standards & Other Publications

The State Records Commission (SRC) and the State Records Office (SRO) are pleased to release the following publications to State and local government organizations:

This Standard provides for a government organization to retain a State archive beyond the compulsory transfer period.

These “Directions” apply when the State Archivist is unable to accept a transfer of State archives from a State organization. 

This Standard describes specific requirements for the management of digital information in State organizations.

This Authority supersedes the previous 2009 General Disposal Authority for Source Records (RD 2009027) and is the official and continuing authority that allows for the legal destruction of source records that have been successfully reproduced (digitized), and is to be used in conjunction with the Digitization Specification.

This Authority is the official and continuing authority for the legal disposal of local government records and supersedes the previous 2010 General Disposal Authority for Local Government Records (RD 2010046).   

A comprehensive set of definitions of terms used across all SRC and SRO publications.