A Commonwealth Festival Perth 2011 Event
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Lunch is served!

The best kept secret of the Eating the Archives event was the edible menu that was served to the thirty guests seated at the table. Made of rice paper and tapioca starch and infused with flavours including tomato and feta, the literal eating of an archive provided an unusual and playful introduction to the dishes that followed. Because this event was held in the ‘People’s Space’ in the transformed Perth Cultural Centre many guests shared their edible menus with the surrounding audience, adding to the enjoyment of the occasion.

The four courses served at the lunch were prawn cocktail and turkey and ham, clear soup with marron, saddle of lamb and pea flowers with a side dish of asparagus presented in a jar containing toast smoke and croutons. The dessert of Strawberries Romanoff rounded off the meal. Tasting plates of the food were also offered to those watching the proceedings on the day. All dishes were inspired by a range of State archives, ranging from the menu for the visit of Prince Edward of Wales in 1920, to a planned, but not realised, menu for the cancelled visit of The Queen in 1974.

Note: Photographs by Fiona Hoy and Bohdan Warchomij


Image Courtesy of State Library of Western Australia (599B)

The State Records Office invites you to pick up your fork and join us in Eating the Archives - an online exhibition and event that forms part of the Commonwealth Festival Perth 2011.

Witness history come alive on Friday 28 October at 12.00pm in the Perth Cultural Centre as celebrated WA chef Hadleigh Troy of Restaurant Amus√© interprets and reinvents menus from the State archives collection using fresh, local produce with a modern twist. 

Twenty lucky West Australians will join State Archivist Cathrin Cassarchis and some well-known guests to experience Hadleigh Troy’s take on these historic menus.

Eating the Archives is a partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Food; and the dishes presented will reflect a Buy West Eat Best ethos, showcasing premium West Australian produce.

The online exhibition will take you on a culinary journey to experience food fashions of the past and gain an insight into how these events have shaped today’s food culture and informed WA’s identity. This exhibition will be served up in three courses; Appetiser, Banquet and Dessert. Come back and sample more food related offerings from the State archives collection and follow us on our journey.

Eating the Archives is an event for all to celebrate as chef Hadleigh Troy pays tribute to a bygone culinary era, bringing a small part of WA’s history alive through food.

See and hear Hadleigh begin his journey...

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