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What maps and plans can be viewed online now?

NEW: Historic survey plans of the Perth metropolitan area (the plans are commonly known as "Sewerage Plans") are now available online through the State Records Office's RetroMaps site.

Following is a list of the historic maps that are available as digitised copies in our catalogue. Links are provided directly to the relevant map series.

Townsites – early Tracings (series 241, consignment 3850) 1838-1891, 164 maps
Early plans of individual allotments, reserves and public buildings within a number of Western Australian towns.

Original Plans – Townsites (series 235, consignment 3868) 1835-1913, 428 maps
Plans compiled from original surveys of proposed and or declared townsites.

Exploration Plans (series 50, consignment 3423) 1798-1958, 189 maps
Plans recording exploration routes in Western Australia throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries (as well as pre-colony).

Survey plans – Historic (series 234, consignment 3844) 1772-1882, 382 maps
Plans recording original surveys made in the south west of the colony of Western Australia (as well as pre-colony).

Group Settlement Plans (Chief Draftsman) (series 2451, consignment 6160) , 1923-1930, 129 maps
Plans showing the allotment of land for individual properties within a group settlement as part of the Group Settlement Scheme.

Maps – Geological Survey (series 33, consignment 7100) 1848, 3 maps
Hand drawn and hand coloured maps by Dr Ferdinand von Sommer.

Plans – Avon and Swan Folios (series 238, consignments 3848 and 3849) , 1836-1860, 71 maps
Plans drawn from official surveys of the Avon and Swan valleys.

Admiralty Charts (series 239, consignment 3947), 1875-1897, 24 maps
Charts of Hydrographic Surveys conducted by Royal Navy vessels off the Western Australian coastline.

Townsite Plans (series 2168, consignment 5698), 1856-1994, 1765 maps
This series comprises cadastral plans of proclaimed townsites or parts thereof, including suburban lots.

Originals Plans – Districts (series 236, consignment 3869), c. 1850+, 953 maps
These plans consist of one or more locations within the same Land District.

Chief Draftsman Plans (series 1364, consignments 4912 and 4957), 1913-1983, 149 maps
These plans were created by the Chief Draftman generally as one-off tasks - e.g. Meckering Earthquake impact, plans of public buildings, townsites, Aboriginal missions and communities, recreational facilities, etc.

Cancelled Public Plans – Pre Standard series (series 978, multiple consignments), 1856-1880, 384 maps
These plans illustrate the alienation and subdivision of land in the settled districts of the Colony during the mid-nineteenth century.

Cancelled Public Plans – Standard series (series 979, multiple consignments), 1878-1907, 679 maps
This series represents the first attempt to cover the colony within one integrated cadastral mapping system.

Cancelled Public Plans (Districts) – Post Standard Series (series 980, multiple consignments), 1893 – 1903, 53 maps
This series comprises several groups of cadastral plans (not all of them Public Plans) that were drawn during the same period as the Standard Series.

Cancelled Public Plans – Original State Series – L Chain Plans (series 4266, consignment 4566), 1900-1924, 25 maps
This series consists of 40 Chain Cancelled Public Plans of selected areas of the Murchison, Yilgarn and Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.

Cancelled Public Plans – Original State Series – 300 Chain Plans (series 4265, consignment 4567), 1903-1975
This series consists of 300 Chain Cancelled Public Plans of the South Western section of Western Australia.

These historic maps and plans represent some of the most heavily accessed records in the State archives collection and their research significance encompasses a wide range of interests.

This 1900 Index Plan provides the way into identifying the location of specific maps itemised at Series 979 (Cancelled Public Plans - Standard Series) and Series 980 (Cancelled Public Plans, Districts - Post Standards Series). 

This 1949 Index Plan provides the way into identifying the location of specific maps itemised at Series 981 (Cancelled Public Plans - 80 Chain Plans), Series 4264 (Cancelled Public Plans - 40 Chain Plans), Series 4265 (Cancelled Public Plans - 300 Chain Plans) and Series 4267 (Cancelled Public Plans - 800 Chain Plans).

Images of original maps still in copyright (created or amended within the last 50 years) have been loaded with the kind permission of Landgate, who administer copyright in the originals. 

Copyright in the images is administered by State Records.