Fees and Charges

Fees are charged by the State Records Office for a number of services as outlined below.

Fees_and_charges for services to Government Agencies from 1_July_2017.

Copying Fees and Charges for clients using the Archive Collection (includes GST):

  • Microfilm/fiche prints; $1.30 cents per page (A4/A3)
  • Digital Scans (colour / black and white); $12.80 per image if not yet scanned; $2.45/image if already scanned  + $2.00 for the CD
    or $10 for USB
  • Duplicate Microfilm reel $77.50 per reel
  • Duplicate Microfiche $1.30 per fiche
  • Print from a scan $1.30 per print
  • Digitised Microfilm reel (16 & 35mm) - price per reel upon application

Charges for digitisation services for public clients:


Digitisation of entire files only (includes GST)




File Size


Cost per file item



1 to 100 pages





Over 100 pages





Maps and Plans


$12.80 each








$8 (AUD) within Australia  

$20 (AUD) overseas

(fees current as of 1st July 2017)