Recordkeeping Publications

The State Records Office of Western Australia (SRO) issues a number of publications to assist staff in State and Local Government organizations with the proper management and disposal of State records.

While publications are developed primarily for use in the public sector, they can also be of value to those working the private sector.

Recordkeeping Basics

This Recordkeeping Basics guide provides basic information on creating and managing records.

Guidance for Identifying and Retaining Records Which May Become Relevant to an Actual or Alleged Case of Child Sexual Abuse

The Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities’ Royal Commissions Working Group has prepared Guidance for identifying and retaining records which may become relevant to an actual or alleged incident of child sexual abuse . This document is intended to assist institutions with addressing the recordkeeping-related recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Born Digital: Managing Government Information and Data

To provide improved direction for the creation and management of government records in a purely digital environment, the State Records Office has released Born Digital: Managing Government Information and Data. The high-level objectives outlined in Born Digital encourages State and Local Government organizations to transition towards fully digital information management environments and discourages the creation of additional paper-based records. Agencies must undertake this transition in a planned and considered manner. As the transition will necessary entail system and process change, no predetermined target date has been set for achieving the Born Digital objectives. Agencies should undertake the transition in accordance with their own organizational planning and budget priorities.

Advice on Cloud Computing

The Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative (ADRI) has launched a product to assist in managing risks in an emerging technological environment and help protect the integrity of official records. It is a set of guidelines that provide Advice on managing the recordkeeping risks associated with cloud computing.

Cloud computing is an increasingly common business practice, which provides new opportunities and challenges for storing digital records. Often cloud computing is an internet service where data is stored by a service provider which may be onshore, or outside of Australia and New Zealand territory borders. It is highly recommended that providers used for data storage and relevant backups are drawn from within Australian borders.

The State Records Office strongly recommends that goverment organisations conduct a full risk assessment prior to engaging cloud services.

Directions for Keeping State Archives Awaiting Transfer

To provide clarity on best practice so as to minimise harm to Government archives until such time as they can be transferred to a central archival repository, the Directions for keeping State archives awaiting transfer to the State Archives Collection are provided to assist State organizations to make the best arrangements possible, within their resources, for the safe storage of State archives.

Other Recordkeeping Publications

The following recordkeeping publications are also available from the State Records Office:

Rescinded Publications

The following publications have been rescinded and replaced by current SRO Standards, Guidelines and Information Sheets:

  • Records Disposal: A Handbook for Government Agencies (2000)
  • How to Design a Records Management Procedure Manual (1995)
  • Policies and Standards Manual (launched 1992)*

*Public Records Policy 5: Mail Management, is currently under review.  For further information on rescinded publications, please contact the State Information Management Services Team on 9427 3661 or email

Further Information

For any queries relating to publications, contact the State Records Office by telephone on (08) 9427 3661 or via email at


Last updated 4 October 2019