Intermediate Records Repository

Storage of Temporary Records

As a result of a whole-of-government contract for the storage of temporary records, no further transfers of intermediate or semi-active records can be made to the State Records Office's Intermediate Records Repository.

For further information on the whole-of-government records storage contract, please visit the website of the Department of Finance.

Retrieving Records from the Repository

Government agencies that have transferred intermediate records to the Repository may arrange to recall these records for short periods.

Fees apply for the retrieval of intermediate (temporary) records by State Records Office staff.

Records may be requested from the Repository by the following means:


When requesting items, please quote:

  • the name of the agency
  • accession number
  • box number
  • file number

Records are to be collected in person by arrangement with State Records Office staff.

There is no limit to the time an agency may keep temporary records retrieved from the Repository but it is desirable to have files returned as soon as they are no longer required by the agency.

It is essential that agencies maintain a record showing the location of an item until it is returned to the Repository. This serves to minimise requests for items that may already have been sent to the agency.

Returning Records to the Repository

It is the responsibility of the borrowing agency to ensure that records are returned through a dedicated courier, or in person by a member of the agency's staff to the State Records Office via the State Library (Alexander Library Building) van dock, Francis Street, 8am - 2.30pm. Please do not post or courier records directly to the Repository.

Records must be wrapped securely for protection.

If an agency decides to retain a record indefinitely, State Records Office staff must be advised in writing so that the relevant documentation can be amended.

Records Destruction Procedure

The State Records Office offers a storage service only, with the destruction of records stored within the Intermediate Records Repository being the responsibility of the creating agency.

While intermediate records should be disposed of when they are no longer required by the agency that created them, they can only be destroyed in accordance with an approved Disposal Authority.