State Recordkeeping


The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was established in January 2013 to investigate systemic failures of public and private institutions to protect children from child sexual abuse, report abuse and respond to child sexual abuse.

The Royal Commission completed its work in December 2017, releasing its Final Report with 409 recommendations to reform policy, legislation, administration and institutional structures.

The State Records Office (SRO) is the lead agency for four recommendations which are directly related to recordkeeping (Recommendations 8.1 – 8.4). The SRO’s role includes provision of expertise and advice to partner agencies leading the implementation of other recommendations with recordkeeping implications, including those relating to information sharing. The Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities’ Royal Commissions Working Group has prepared Guidance for identifying and retaining records which may become relevant to an actual or alleged incident of child sexual abuse to assist institutions with meeting these recommendations. 

The State Records Office of Western Australia provides archival and records management services to State and local government agencies. These services are undertaken by two teams: the Archives Control and Access Team and the State Information Management Services Team.

The Archives Control and Access Team co-ordinates the transfer of archival and intermediate records into the custody of the State Records Office. This Team is responsible for the documentation and preservation of archival records, and for facilitating access to the State's archives collection by the public and by government agencies.

The State Information Management Services Team provides a consultative and advisory service for Records Managers throughout the public sector. This Team aims to promote best practice recordkeeping, and to this end endorses compliance with current recordkeeping standards.

Services available to government include:

Advisory Service

The State Records Office provides an advisory service to government agencies on records management matters. Advice is available via telephone, email and agency-specific visits as required.

Policies and Standards

The State Records Office formulates policies, standards and guidelines to assist agencies with changes in recordkeeping that result from changing practices within Government.


In addition to the development of policies and standards, the State Records Office produces a number of publications to assist government agencies with the proper management and disposal of State records.


The State Records Office provides training material for State and Local Government personnel.

Disposal of State Records

The State Records Office advises agencies on the legislative requirements governing State records and the process of gaining approval to transfer or destroy State records, and has developed several General and Sector Disposal Authorities to enable the legal disposal of records across government.


The Archives Control and Access Team is able to offer guidance through the transfer of archival records into the custody of the State Records Office.

Government Loans

A loans service is available to government agencies wishing to access their own records or those of their predecessor agencies.

Preservation Advice

The State Records Office is able to provide advice on a range of preservation and conservation matters, including information on digitising and microfilming of archival records to approved ISO and Australian Standards.

Further Information

The State Records Office is here to help with recordkeeping in the public sector. If you require assistance, please contact us.



Updated 16 July 2020