Computers in schools, Aboriginal land rights , the development of Forrest Place and the Perth City Railway Station, the future of Robb Jetty, discussions about reforms of laws relating to rape and sexual assault, the establishment of a task force to inquire into domestic violence and approval for freight subsidies and loans to those affected by drought in the Kimberley region, were among the many issues considered by State Cabinet in 1985.

The third year of the Burke Labor Government also saw Cabinet approval for negotiations for 9 day fortnights and 38 hour weeks for various groups of government employees, such as those employed by the Fire Brigades Board and Westrail and as hospital workers and prison officers.

The online Guide to the 1985 State Cabinet Records reveals that the electrification of the suburban rail system would cost $146 million, and Cabinet approval for the the release of a draft environmental management plan for a marine park stretching from Trigg to Burns Beach. It also details the establishment of the West Australian Exim Corporation which was charged with targeting the South East Asian market among others, and announcements about government acquisition of a 20 per cent in the South West aluminium smelter project. In 1985 State Cabinet approved extra funding for AIDS screening and counselling, the creation of a Cabinet portfolio for the Aged, as well as a review of Western Australian Aboriginal health programs.

In 1985 preparations for the hosting of the America's Cup in Fremantle were well advanced and approval for the construction of the Hillarys Boat Harbour was given. The closure of Fremantle Prison was first mooted and the restructure of the North West Shelf Gas Development joint venture was also considered on several occasions by State Cabinet.

The Guide to the 1985 State Cabinet Records describes the Cabinet records, includes information about a selection of issues considered by Cabinet in 1985, and provides an index to all minutes and decsions. It also highlights major events that occurred in Australia and internationally throughout that year.