Western Australia Day - Guide to 1984 State Cabinet Records

A financial institutions duty on bank deposits; Aboriginal land rights; equal employment opportunity legislation outlawing discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of sex, marital status, pregnancy, race, religious or political conviction; the abolition of the death penalty; and the banning of ‘X’ rated material, were issues considered by WA’s State Cabinet in 1984.

To mark Western Australia Day, an online Guide to the 1984 State Cabinet Records has been produced by the State Records Office (SRO). State Cabinet Minutes and Decisions (Series 1228) are restricted access archives, comprising the deliberations and decisions of State Cabinet, and include agenda items and submissions. The SRO enables access for the public to these important State archives when they become open access 30 years after their creation.

While 1984 had Orwellian connotations, in reality it was the year Ronald Reagan was elected in a landslide, the AIDS virus was discovered and Apple Mac computers were launched. In Australia, Medicare was founded, 'Advance Australia Fair' was officially proclaimed the national anthem, and the dollar coin was introduced.

In WA in 1984, State Cabinet discussed income support for young people upon leaving school, banning sexist advertising by government departments, planning for the defence of the America’s Cup at Fremantle in 1986, the public disclosure of the financial interests of WA MPs, encouraging the employment of women in the mining industry, and approved the creation of a Casino at Burswood.