WA Day - Guide to 1987 State Cabinet Records

The America's Cup and an accompanying Festival of Sport; proposals and setbacks on the redevelopment of the Swan Brewery site on Mounts Bay Road; concerns about the potential harm to the market of pesticide residues in Western Australian meat; and electoral reform of the Legislative Council were among many issues considered by State Cabinet in 1987.

To mark Western Australia Day, each year the SRO produces an online Guide to the State Cabinet records from 30 years ago. This year the online guide covers State Cabinet minutes and decisions in the 1987 calendar year. The online Guide to the 1987 State Cabinet Records (859 KB) reveal a relatively steady as you go approach during the second half of the year, when issues relating to the management of the Swan Building Society and the Teachers Credit Society, plus repercussions from the October 1987 stock market crash, saw State government intervention in the economy.

1987 was a year where Aboriginal matters punctuated State Cabinet proceedings and minutes, with various issues being considered, such as; State public service Aboriginal employment policies; a government committee on Aboriginal/Police community relations being formed; the Aboriginal Police Aide scheme being reviewed; and examination of a proposal for joint government/Aboriginal management of the Bungle Bungle National Park in the Kimberley region.