Online Guide to 1982 State Cabinet Records released for WA Day

Industrial disruption, opposition to a purpose-built casino, restrictions on tobacco advertising, police corruption and a 12-month wage freeze were some of the issues addressed by State Cabinet in 1982 and early 1983.

To mark Western Australia Day, an online guide to the State Cabinet papers covering Cabinet deliberations from 11 January 1982 to 14 February 1983 has been released. It includes decisions made by Ray O'Connor's Cabinet until the State election of 19 February 1983.

State Cabinet considered  a variety of issues that were hotly debated in WA more than 30 years ago. Cabinet minites and decsisions reveal deliberations about efforts to reduce tobacco consumption, including the establishment of the first ‘smoke free zones’, and the approval of legislation to strengthen anti-gambling laws. The records also show State Cabinet approved drafting legislation regulating exploration of geothermal energy in WA and legislation regarding human tissue transplant.

Please see the SRO's State Cabinet records webpage to see the online Guide to the 1982 State Cabinet records