“File Not Found” – State Archives a hit at RightClick 2012

Meg TraversDigital Archives Support Manager, Meg Travers, spoke to over a hundred IT professionals and senior executives from government at the 2012 Right Click forum on 5th September, described as one of the highlights of the event.

Sponsored by the Institute of Public Administration Australia, RightClick is in its fourth year.  It is a forum designed to showcase the impact of new technology in the work place and how it has been adopted across government.  Emerging technology offers each of us exciting opportunities to enrich our work and home lives.  However, government organisations are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with these new trends

Meg’s presentation File Not Found – Locking Your Data Up in Databases was particularly well received by an audience who were very interested in remaining abreast of leading ideas and practice. The presentation looked at existing content in the Western Australian Government archives, how it is currently created and kept in the digital world, and issues in creating a usable digital archive for the future. It is SRO’s role to be abreast of the latest national and international thinking, to provide an authoritative voice on digital developments and encourage best practice in the digital sphere across State government.

File Type Not Found – Locking Your Data Up in Databases

Digital preservation faces problems of media decay and obsolescence, and file format obsolescence. Whilst we can fairly easily tackle the problems with storage media by refreshing it regularly, file formats often require intervention to remain in an accessible format.

Many organisations are conscious of ensuring that the “documents” in their recordkeeping systems are migrated or put into open formats, but what of the data in database systems? What kind of data is in these systems, how important is it to the future, and what might be lost if it becomes inaccessible?

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