One giant step for SRO

Lise Summers Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - 14:21 This week we launch our new Archives management system, based on the Canadian software Accesstomemory (AtoM).  When you click on the ‘search our archives catalogue’ button on our home page, it’s one small click for you, but a giant step for SRO.We first developed a computer catalogue in 1986 using a Sun database, but it was for internal use only.  In 2004, we were able to take up the Microsoft based system developed for the State Records Office in New South Wales. We undertook a minor enhancement in 2009, with funding provided by the Friends of Battye Library, to enable us to add digital images, but no other major development work has been undertaken since.The need for a fast, modern archive management system and responsive public access catalogue led us to the search which identified AtoM, an open source software system, as the most likely candidate.  All the systems we looked at required some modification to enable us to meet Australian descriptive standards, as well as international standards, but AtoM seemed to us to be the most flexible, and it had the blessing of the International Council of Archives.  We joined forces with technology consultants, Gaia Resources, and the work began.  Shortly into our first explorations with AtoM, Libraries and Archives Canada picked up the system, and as a result of their funding and research, AtoM took a huge leap forward in terms of design and user experience, which we were able to incorporate into our work.Users looking for access to our maps online may need to access our old system for a few weeks, or contact the staff at SRO for a copy of a plan, or visit the SRO for a copy from the CD backups we hold in the Search Room.  We apologise for the delays, but hope that the experience of better searching and browsing, as well as online ordering will more than compensate for the slight difference in access.Please join us on our exciting new adventure.