National Recycling Week - Recycle Responsibly

Lise Summers Thursday, October 27, 2011 - 13:07 National Recycling Week - Responsible Recycling for ‘Friday File Fling’ National Recycling Week (7-13 November) is now only two short weeks away.  The State Records Office of Western Australia has identified that the Week represents an ideal opportunity to raise the profile of records management and, in particular, Retention and Disposal Schedules with staff and management of government organisations. Files, records, documents, photographs, maps, plans, datasets etc documenting the business activity of a government organization can only be destroyed in accordance with an approved Retention and Disposal Authority. Prepare your organisation for National Recycling Week by using the phrases, “Responsible Recycling of Records”, or “R&D use to recycle, reduce and re-use”.  Identify material that might be suited for the fling in advance, or use the opportunity to review your Retention Disposal schedule and procedures.  Over the next two weeks we will be providing blogs on issues such as sustainability and paper use, the Online Retention and Disposal Authority project and simple advice on implementing a Retention and Disposal Authority.  You can also look on our Facebook page, or tell us via twitter (archives_wa) how you are going, using #R&Duse as the hashtag. If you are in doubt please refer to your organization's approved Retention and Disposal Schedule, General Disposal Authority or contact the State Records Office on 9427 3661.    Cathrin CassarchisState Archivist and Executive Director State Records