Catalogue updates – February 2019

Lise Summers Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 16:31

Long term users of our catalogue will know that we moved to a new system in August 2015.  Like all systems, the software is constantly updating and improving, and we have been working with our providers to get our system upgraded from AtoM 2.0 to 2.4.  Four years is a long time to wait for an upgrade so the sailing hasn’t been as smooth as we would have liked, but the time is right and we are moving the catalogue to the new system over the Labor Day long weekend.

This means that you will be unable to request items online as of 4:30 Wednesday, 27 February; however, you can still request them by phone (08) 9427 3600 or via our email accounts for public clients and for government loans. You can still view the catalogue, just not make any requests.

The reason for this restriction is so that we have a fixed version to clone to the new system. Once the cloning is done and we are sure it is all working properly, we’ll quietly close the old version and change the url to the new one. No need for you to do anything, and any bookmarks you may have for reference should still work.

Some of the new features include increased filters for listing results incuding by start or end date (most useful at series level), and an improved Advanced Search feature. You’ll also be able to save items to a clipboard for export as a csv file.

To learn more about these features and refresh your knowledge of the system, why not come to our forthcoming Lunchtime Seminar, “From A-Z: referencing and research at the SRO”, on March 20 February.  We’ll be talking about the catalogue and also about using the online referencing software Zotero.