Copying of Archives

The copying of State Archives is subject to the Australian Copyright Act. Therefore the copying of original archival materials from the State Archives Collection is permitted under certain circumstances, mainly relating to study and research. Clients should be aware that permission to reproduce copies of State Archives must be sought from State Records Office, and that State Records Office staff retain the right to refuse permission to copy original materials if there are concerns that this copying is beyond what is allowable in the Copyright Act. 

The following methods for copying original materials are available to researchers:

Digitisation of ArchivesA digitisation service is offered for clients wishing to obtain digital copies of State archives.

Photographing Archives in the Reading RoomDigital cameras are encouraged by the State Records Office, on the condition that the flash button is turned off. Digital images can saved to a USB (thumb) drive. Staff in the Reading Room can advise clients further on this matter.

Microform Copies: Records that are available on microfilm, microfiche, or in other microforms may be copied using the digital reader / scanner machines and the image saved to your thumb drive.

Please note, that for all copying equipment available in the Reading Room, clients may be asked to limit their use of that equipment to no more than fifteen minutes in the event that there is an overflow of clients wanting to use these services.

For more information on copying facilities contact the staff on duty in the Reading Room or by email at


Updated 2 Sept 2020