State Records Commission Award

Since 2006, the State Records Commission has sponsored a special W S Lonnie Award in partnership with the Institute of Public Administration Australia (WA Division).  This specialist award, the State Records Commission Award, recognises excellence in reporting against the compliance requirements of SRC Standard 2, Principle 6 in Annual Reports. 

The Annual Reports of all State government organizations are considered for this Award and progress through two short listing phases.  The Annual Reports in the final short list are evaluated according to how well the following criteria are addressed:

  • the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s recordkeeping systems are evaluated not less than once every five years;
  • the organization conducts a recordkeeping training program;
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of the recordkeeping training program are reviewed from time to time; and
  • the organization’s induction program addresses employees’ roles and responsibilities in regard to their compliance with the agency’s recordkeeping plan.

2018 Winner - Western Australian Treasury Corporation

At the Institute of Public Administration Australia’s W S Lonnie Awards presentation on 22 March 2018, the State Archivist and Executive Director State Records, Ms Cathrin Cassarchis, was delighted to announce the Western Australian Treasury Corporation (WATC) as the recipient of this year’s State Records Commission Award for Excellence in Compliance Reporting. The WATC received a commendation for the State Records Commission Award in 2017. This year’s annual report statement builds upon the information provided last year, outlining the technical and functional review of the corporate recordkeeping system, as well as the continued implementation of recommendations arising from their 2017 external compliance audit.

In addition, the WATC’s comprehensive recordkeeping training and support program has resulted in:

  • every employee being aware of their responsibilities under the State Records Act 2000;
  • new employees receiving induction training tailored to their specific role; and
  • information relevant to recordkeeping requirements reinforced for all employees on a regular basis, ensuring that staff maintain their knowledge and skills.

The judging panel considered that the WATC provided a remarkably impressive account of its programs, especially considering the small size of the organisation, and that it is a worthy recipient of the 2018 State Records Commission Award.

Past Winners of the Award

  • 2017 Winner: Department of Education - Special commendation: Western Australian Treasury Corporation
  • 2016 Winner: Main Roads Western Australia - Special commendation: Pilbara Ports Authority
  • 2015 Winner: Department of Fisheries - Special commendation: Not awarded
  • 2014 Winner: Fremantle Port Authority - Special commendation: Not awarded
  • 2013 Winner: Economic Regulation Authority - Special commendation: Department of Mines and Petroleum
  • 2012 Winner: Disability Services Commission - Special commendation: Main Roads Western Australia
  • 2011 Winner: Western Australia Police - Special commendation: Main Roads Western Australia
  • 2010 Winner: Fremantle Port Authority - Special commendation: Disability Services Commission
  • 2009 Winner: Disability Services Commission - Special commendation: Fremantle Port Authority
  • 2008 Winner: Department of the Attorney General - Special commendations: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority; C Y O’Connor College of TAFE
  • 2007 Winner: Central West College of TAFE - Special commendations: Disability Services Commission; Fremantle Port Authority
  • 2006 Winner: South West Regional College of TAFE - Special commendation: Not awarded



Last updated 30 May 2018