Recordkeeping Policies and Standards

In accordance with section 61 of the State Records Act 2000, the State Records Commission is required to produce principles and standards to govern recordkeeping by State organisations. These principles and standards represent the core recordkeeping requirements for Western Australian State and local government agencies.

Prior to the establishment of the State Records Commission, the State Records Office formulated policies, standards and guidelines to promote best practice recordkeeping throughout State and local government agencies. These are distinct from the principles and standards produced by the State Records Commission.

State Records Commission Standards

Principles and standards established by the State Records Commission in accordance with its requirements under the State Records Act 2000, aim to formalise best practice recordkeeping requirements for State and local government agencies.

The principles and standards approved by the Commission are published in the Government Gazette and are effectively Government regulations, as defined in the Interpretation Act 1984 (WA), that must be complied with by all State organisations subject to the State Records Act 2000.

Development of the principles and standards has been carried out by the State Records Commission in consultation with State and local government agencies. To date, the following standards have been developed:

State Records Commission Policies

State Records Commission Policy - Local Government Elected Members' Records

The State Records Commission has revised its policy statement for the recordkeeping requirements  for Local Government Elected Members' records. Local governments are to address the management of elected members' government records in accordance with this policy.

Refer also to the Information Sheet - Local Government Elected Members’ Records.

Glossary of Terms

A Glossary of Terms used in State Records Commission and State Records Office publications is available for download.

Further Information

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Last updated 12 January 2017