Legislative Requirements

Records and information professionals charged with the keeping of State records are required to be aware of a wide range of legislative issues. A number of Western Australian Acts include provisions relating to the keeping and management of records generated by State and local government agencies.

Executive Directives

Periodically, directives are issued by the Premier or Ministers which may have implications for the management of State records. The following executive directive currently in force affects the recordkeeping functions of State and local government agencies.

Treasurer's Instruction 804

The Treasurer's Instructions are a series of directives issued by the Treasurer to accompany the Financial Management Act 2006. Treasurer's Instruction 804 stipulates the current policy for the management of financial and accounting records in State government agencies. This Treasurer's Instruction should be applied in conjunction with the General Disposal Authority for State Government Information.

Further Information

If you require further information on legislation, that is not covered within this section please contact the State Records Office on (08) 9427 3600 or via email at sro@sro.wa.gov.au.


Last updated 6 April 2017