World War 1 in Western Australia

Preserved for posterity by the State Records Office, State Archives document the lives of Western Australians, their concerns, efforts and responses in good times and bad. Researching and commemorating the Centenary of Anzac and the First World War, State Archives display uniquely Western Australian perspectives to the commencement and prosecution of the war a century ago, revealing the actions of politicians, government officials, the military and the people at home in Western Australia. Along with the rest of the British Empire, Western Australia went to war with the express aims of upholding constitutional government and the rule of law.

The First World War affected Western Australia deeply. Nearly 40% of West Australian men aged 18-44 volunteered, enlisted and served in this conflict. It stretched the resources of the State and created both social cohesion and disruption. Ultimately, through the deaths of thousands of young Western Australians, it literally decimated a generation, devastating communities and families alike.