Machinery of Government – Agency websites

Western Australian Legal Deposit legislation does not yet apply to ‘internet documents’ such as websites. 
However, the State Library of Western Australia, in discussion with the National Library of Australia, is keen to preserve these resources. 
The State Library of Western Australia has provided the National Library of Australia the URLs of all the government organizations subject to the Machinery of Government (MOG) structural changes.
The intention is that the National Library will run a harvest of all the seed URLs and subdomains using a Her

Changes to Government Loan Services

The State Records Office of Western Australia (SRO) has reviewed the current courier service arrangements for its government loans service.  In providing a government loans service, the SRO’s primary objective is to ensure the safe care and custody of State archives while facilitating an agency’s right of access to the records of their (or their preceding) organisation.  Due to preservation and security concerns for archival material identified in the review, the SRO will no longer issue archival records via the standard courier service. 


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