Circular - Disposal of Cemetery Records

The SRO have issued a circular relating to the Disposal of Cemetery Records by Local Government organisations.

The SRO requires local government organzisations with responsibility for cemetery management to cease destruction of cemetery management records until further notice. 

More information is provided in the circular 'Disposal of Cemetery Records - Local Government Records Relating to Cemetery Management' .



2019 Margaret Medcalf Award

The 2019 Margaret Medcalf Award was presented by Hon. David Templeman MLA, Minister for Culture and The Arts, at a special ceremony on Thursday morning 27 June 2019.

This year's Margaret Medcalf Award winner is Dr Robin Barrington for her journal article A Race War: Tracing emotions on the Murchison frontier in Western Australia 1880-1915.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2019 - 2023

Archives and libraries represent an essential part of any community’s social infrastructure and are centres for communication, research, learning and culture. The State Records Office of Western Australia and the State Library of Western Australia are committed to ensuring that people with disability, their families and carers have the same opportunities, rights and responsibilities enjoyed as others to access the services and facilities provided by these organisations.  

The Architecture of the Archive project

Earlier this year, the SRO entered into a new collaborative project with the University of Western Australia’s School of Design. Intrigued by the type of records held in the State Archives Collection, and the challenges in storing, preserving and making accessible our State’s official archives, UWA Lecturer Mark Sawyer suggested using the SRO as a “case study” and to have his first year architecture students develop proposed designs for a new SRO Search Room.  This type of architectural modelling is a key requirement for architecture students as part of their course work.

Damien Hassan Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 13:35


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