Electoral reform, equal opportunity for disabled people, a review of liquor license fees and more flexible trading hours for hotels, future training needs for mental health nurses, the future of the Old Swan Brewery site, tobacco packaging health warnings, and voluntary euthanasia were among the hundreds of issues considered by State Cabinet in 1986. A State election was held in February of that year which saw Premier Burke’s Labor government re-elected for a second term. The new Ministry sworn in after the election included two women, Hon. Pamela Beggs MLA and Hon. Kay Hallahan MLC, plus Australia’s first Aboriginal Cabinet Minister, Hon. Ernie Bridge MLA.

The online Guide to the 1986 State Cabinet Records reveals that In 1986 State Cabinet also deliberated on various aspects of preparations for holding the America’s Cup in Fremantle in early 1987. These included ensuring adequate police resourcing for the event, creating a “People’s Day” to encourage full community involvement, liberalising shop trading hours, related housing and construction issues in Fremantle, and ways to deal with spectator craft at the event.

In 1986 State Cabinet also received a report from the Domestic Violence Task Force. Appointed the previous year to investigate the scale and depth of domestic violence in the Western Australian community, the report included recommendations on how to effectively combat domestic violence, State Cabinet also approving a request from the task force to improve services to victims.

1986 State Cabinet Records reveal that, for the first time, Cabinet approved public access to its documents ‘after a 30 year period has elapsed’ and that this had been ‘strongly endorsed by the State Archivist’ of the day. Since the promulgation of the State Records Act 2000, the preservation of, and access to, State Cabinet records, like all State Archives, is the responsibility of the State Archivist; the State Records Commission approving restricted access time periods.

To learn more about State Cabinet's deliberations in 1986 view the online Guide to the 1986 State Cabinet Records (764KB)