T minus four weeks

Digital Services Friday, January 27, 2012 - 15:35

Four weeks to go 'til our live connection to the space travellers on the International Space Station (ISS) from the Northbridge Piazza!

What’s been happening in the last week in preparation for this event?

We’ve reached the halfway mark for people to enter the competition, and it’s good to see there are lots of entries coming in – but of course we want more! So what would YOU ask an astronaut???

The final list of questions has to be sent to NASA and ARISS on the 3rd February, so after the competition closes we will be very busy for a few days reading everyone’s entries. The questions will be sent up to the astronauts before our event, so that even if the radio connection is unclear, they will still know what you have asked them. We are in almost daily contact with ARISS and they have been a wonderful group of people to work with, especially our ARISS mentor Tony Hutchison – check out his radio equipment!

We’ve been finalising a lot of the other activities that will be happening on the evening of the 20th February. For example, we’ve confirmed WA’s Chief Scientist, Lyn Beazley, to do a short presentation about WA and space exploration, and the WA Museum people have almost finished their model Friendship 7 capsules that you can colour in and put together on the night.

The team at the Northbridge Piazza are putting together some fantastic video footage to show on the night too – I have been really blown away at the things they can do with their screen: telecommunications technology has certainly come a long way from the days of the Mercury and Apollo missions.

We’ve also started attracting some traditional and social media attention for the event including an interview on 6PR - lots of people phoned in afterwards to talk about how they remembered the event of John Glenn’s flyover, 50 years ago. Please get in touch if you want to do an interview or run an article about the event and anniversary.

Remember, this week is your last chance to enter the competition  – don’t let this (space) ship leave without you!

Meg Travers
Digital Archive Support Manager