Microform Records

Microform reproductions of archival records have been created in an effort to help preserve the original records and improve access for clients. Generally only the most fragile and/or the most commonly used records have been copied onto microfilm.

State Records Office records may be contained on any of the following types of microforms:

  • 16 mm roll film
  • 35 mm roll film
  • microfiche
  • 35mm aperture cards
  • 35 mm slides and transparencies

The main advantage of microform records is that in most cases clients will be able to access the records directly from the Microform Area of the Search Room, without being required to complete a retrieval slip.

Viewing Microforms

The majority of SRO's microform records are stored in the row of metallic cabinets along the Microform Area wall and are ordered according to Accession/Consignment number. 

Access to microform records is on a self-service basis between State Records Office opening hours.

Microform readers are available in the Microfilm area to view microform records.

Most of these microform readers are also microform scanners, capable of making scans from the microform for download to a USB removable drive (e.g. flashdrive, thumbdrive, etc).

Staff at the Search Room Enquiry Desk are happy to provide clients with assistance in using the microform readers and scanners.

Microforms Register

The majority of records available in microform can be accessed in the Microform Area, without the need for awaiting material to be retrieved, as per records in original format. 

The Microfilm register by agency is a tool created by the State Records Office for determining whether specific consignments of records are available for use in microform.The register is arranged sequentially by name of the agency, and  consignment number and provides information such as format type, approximate date range, item numbers included on microform, and  description of records, where identified.

Copying of Microforms

In some instances it may be possible to purchase duplicates of the actual microforms. Both microfilm reels and individual microfiche can be purchased in this manner. For more information on purchasing microforms contact State Records Office Enquiry Desk staff on (08) 9427 3600 or email sro@sro.wa.gov.au.

Digital copies of microforms may be made on a selfserve basis to a USB removable drive.  Please ask Search Room staff for more information.


Updated 23 March 2020