Photographing Archives

client copy centreArchival material may be photographed by researchers in the Reading Room on the 3rd floor of the State Library using their own equipment, under the following conditions:

Photographs must be taken using natural light with a minimum of disturbance to other researchers. Permission to use flashes will be at the discretion of State Records Office staff.

Researchers employing professional photographers to undertake the photographing of archival material should ensure that appropriate arrangements are made in advance with State Records Office staff.

Physical condition of the item

In order to ensure that further handling is minimal and deterioration is minimised, the physical condition of all items must be considered. Photographing will not be permitted if there is a risk that it may damage the records.


Copying from archival records is subject to the Copyright Act. Please refer to the Copyright Information Sheet for further details.

Photographing Restricted Material

The photographing of restricted access material held by the State Records Office is permitted under certain conditions, as detailed by the agency providing access permission.