SRO Digitisation Services

In recent times there has been a growing demand for digitisation of State archives for reference and research. To meet this demand early in 2016 the SRO trialled the digitisation of entire files and other relevant archival materials in the State archives collection for clients at a cost. This service is now part of our normal archives access operations. Not all State archives are available for digitisation; such as those archives with restricted access status, those which are too fragile, and archives in a format which is unable to be digitised.

SRO clients are able to apply to digitise State archives in their entirety and requested archives will be assessed by SRO staff to establish their appropriateness for digitisation. If deemed suitable, once payment has been received, the SRO will endeavour to provide digitised copies of archives within 20 working days. Digitised State Archives are currently provided on CD to clients, with a view to uploading appropriate digitised copies to our online catalogue in the longer term.

You must apply to digitise approved State archives by downloading and completing the Archive Digitisation Request Form including providing consignment and item details for each requested archive. You will also be able to pay for this new service online, once the digitisation application has been approved. If you have questions about this new service please email or telephone the SRO’s Search Room on (08) 94273600.    

Following are the charges for the digitisation service:

Charges for Service


Digitisation of entire files only (includes GST)




File Size


Cost per file item



1 to 100 pages





Over 100 pages







$7.85 (AUD) within Australia  

$20 (AUD) overseas


Maps and Plans are also able to be digitised at a cost of $14.25 for each map or plan.

The SRO provides this digitisation service to support research needs. Digital copies are subject to copyright. There should be no further reproduction of digitised files/items without obtaining permission from the copyright owner.

While restricted access records are unable to be digitised, on occasion open access records may divulge personal information about living individuals. Therefore, like our Conditions for use of Archival Records in SRO's Search Room, researchers agree to protect the privacy of individuals by judiciously using information located in State Archives.

See our Retrieval Times and Requests webpage for information about our new retrieval times instituted to support Archive Digitisation Services.