Information Statement

Freedom of Information

The Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act), provides for public access to government documents (subject to some limitations).  It also requires government agencies to make available details about the kinds of documents they hold; and enables the public to ensure that any personal information held by agencies is “accurate, complete, up to date and not misleading”.

It is the aim of the State Records Office to make information available promptly and to assist the public to effectively complete applications that comply with the FOI Act

State Records Office information subject to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, regardless of its disposal status, will be identified and retained until action on the request and any subsequent reviews, by the Information Commissioner or the Supreme Court, are completed.

Structure and functions of the State Records Office

For information about the structure and functions of the State Records Office see the About Us page of this website.

Documents held by the State Records Office

The types of documents held by the State Records Office include:

  • Access to Memory (Atom) Archival Collection Catalogue
  • Annual Reports
  • Collection Guides
  • Finding Aids and Indexes
  • Information Sheets
  • Published Disposal Authorities
  • Recordkeeping Policy and Standards
  • Recordkeeping Publications
  • State Records Commission minutes

This information is available via this website, at no cost.

Reference Library - the State Records Office holds a small collection of published materials for reference purposes.  This collection is available to the public via the Search Room on the ground floor.

Corporate Information, used for business activity, retained in hard copy and digital format includes:

  • Administration Files
  • Archival Services Advice and Preservation Files
  • Client Databases
  • Government Loans Management Files
  • Government Recordkeeping Services Appraisal and Advice files
  • Government Training Files
  • Online Retention and Disposal Application Database
  • Recordkeeping Planning Files
  • State Records Commission Records

This information may be accessed via an FOI application.

Access to the State Archives Collection, as defined by section 35 of the State Records Act 2000, is covered within the Archive Collection page of this website and is in accordance with the State Records Act.

FOI Access Arrangements

FOI applications for information from the State Records Office should be lodged with the FOI Coordinator at the Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA).  The Coordinator will ensure that advice is provided to assist with the application within 45 days.

The FOI Co-ordinator can be contacted by the following:

  • in writing to PO Box 8349, Perth Business Centre WA 6849;
  • by telephone on (08) 6552 7361; or
  • by email at

More Information

For more information refer to the DCA website (, or contact the FOI Coordinator as above.



Updated 22 July 2016